Soul-to Self Connection


Your Soul-to-Self Connection is the essence of you,
so embrace the freedom of being truly who you really are.

When you resonate with a particular verse, in that moment, you connect with Your Real Self, so sit comfortably and take a moment from your busy lifestyle to look at the verse collection and intuitively choose whichever book colour you are most drawn to.

Glance at the pages and connect to the verse which jumps out at you, or let the pages fall open where they may.

Read the words of the verse and be still.... In that moment you will recognise ‘the True Essence of You’ as you deeply connect on a heart and soul level.

Reflect on any past, hidden locked away memories or emotions which may be holding you back in the present, preventing you from embracing the changes you want.

Observe these scenarios and feelings, note your awareness of them and let them fade away. No need for answers, resolutions or outcomes. Just observe. Let this awareness release past negativity so you can move forward with purpose and clarity.

Resonate with the words of the verse as often as you will, and when your emotions become calm and still, the catalyst for healing has already begun.

Feel more balanced as you stand strong and shine brightly in your own emotional power and confidence as your fears gradually fade away.

Healings, feelings and chakras - a different way

Use the verses in this collection in your everyday life as a way to help you move forward with soulful awareness, peaceful heart and stillness of mind.

Moments in Time, are they yours, are they mine?

They are everyones,

with love Ceran.