Moments in Time

are they yours, are they mine?

The Verse Collection by Ceran

My intuitive connection to Angels has guided me on a path of discovery about myself, other people and the varied emotional situations which every day life presents and challenges us with.

When these beautiful sentiments initially came to me and more kept flowing in I couldn’t ignore them, so I wrote them all down until there were no more words to write. I hadn’t really any idea of their purpose, but over the years I have learned to trust my intuition and just ‘go with it’, knowing some clarity would become apparent ‘at the right time’.

My sister and nephew, who both enjoy drawing, realised they were sketching more often than usual for no apparent reason. With an air of mystery they ‘just went with the flow’ until they had drawn many illustrations. When we looked at them, we realised they reflected the essence of certain verses. As the verses ‘just felt right’ to write and the drawings ‘just felt right’ to draw, it also ‘just felt right’ to put them together, and so we did.

Some of the verses were shown to a group of people who were amazed at the deeply heartfelt reflection and personal connection they had to the words they had been ‘drawn to’.

I began to understand the significance of these amazing words. So I published these precious verses as a beautiful inspirational collection to share with you on your own ever changing journey.