Soul-to-Self Connection

‘Moments in Time, are they yours, are they mine?’

The Verse Collection by Ceran

A daily ‘go-to’ collection of inspirational happiness for your heart and soul

Connect to the essence of whichever verse you feel drawn to and emotionally move forward with purpose, positivity, a loving heart, peaceful soul and stillness of mind.

Book I: The Red Book

Trust your inner knowing
Your intuition, your instinct

Book II: The Orange Book

Your heart is singing like a hummingbird
There is no sound, no spoken word

Book III: The Yellow Book

Express yourself, you have a view
Speak with kindness and your truth

Book IV: The Green Book

Quietly sitting down at home
No one here, all alone

Book V: The Blue Book

Tears are wasted on someone who
Has no respect or emotion for you

Book VI: The Indigo Book

Today’s a day when you feel good
Nothing will take your mood down

Book VII: The Violet Book

Be involved in your own life
Fill it with doing things of your choice

Book VIII: The Platinum Book

These are my innermost feelings
But they’ll be someone else’s too

Book IX: The Gold Book

Tears of laughter run down your face
Your eyes fill up, your cheeks ache


Moments in Time – The Verse Collection

The Complete Rainbow Inspired Box Set

Always believe and trust in yourself. See your true essence. Know who you are and be your own inspiration.
Feel confident and move forward with ease.
Be present. Be mindful. Be in the now. Nurture and cherish your innermost self.